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Sister Margaret McGuirk

Minneapolis, MN

In the midst of the rising controversy around the issue of immigration, we have been quietly reaching out to welcome the newly arriving immigrants  at Holy Rosary Church in Minneapolis.  We created an outreach program called Centro Guadalupano which offers English Classes, After School Enrichment,  Health and Wellness opportunities,  sewing classes and referrals for needed social services and immigration issues.  Centro Guadalupano serves over 1000 people each year.

We also reach out to immigrants through our Sacramental and Spiritual care offered by the Church.  We believe that in Christ the human race is one before God, equal in dignity and rights.

When you work so closely with the community you hear firsthand the reasons why they are forced to leave their homeland. They have shared

  • The fear of cross fire between the drug cartel and the Mexican Army
  • The dilemma of having barely enough income to feed my family and being forced to pay the extortion fee demanded of the drug cartel
  • The constant death threats against me and my family
  • Wondering if the will kill my family one-by-one as they have my neighbor
  • The memory of my husband being shot in front of my children

The immigrants arrive traumatized and needing help and that is what we try to offer at Centro Guadalupano.  As Pope Francis has said, “I admire the courage of those (immigrants) who hope to be able to gradually resume a normal life, waiting for joy and love to return and brighten their existence. We can and must nourish this hope.”