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Sean Delaney

Indianapolis, IN

She was...her parents wanted her to go to a really, really, really good school because they thought she was brilliant. They wanted her to get educated, really well-educated. So, when she got there, she had to be taken by the marshals because of all the riots, you know. When she got there, she didn't do anything. She just walked. She just walked up into the school and people were shouting at her. One person said to her that if she...The one person said that she was going to murder her. She wants to murder her or poison her and she just walks on. One morning , she goes...she walks up and then she turns around and the marshals are like 'What are you doing?' Then she said, 'I'm praying for them.' One of the little kids said, 'I'm not speaking to you because you're black,' which is wrong. There's people all over the world , especially in India, Pakistan, and other places around that area who are sold into slavery still and they should have their own education and their own medicine, everything like we have and everything else. Here as well. Barack Obama when we was...his mum she died of cancer because she couldn't pay for her medicine. That is a real problem around here because there's have to pay for your own medication and insurance and stuff. If you go to the UK or Europe there's no... you don't don't need to don't because...

Sr Simone (off camera): There's other ways to do this. 

Delaney: Yes! There's other places, yeah.

(Crowd claps.)