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Patricia Andwan

Cincinnati, OH

In 2007 I discovered that my home, in a Historic District, was targeted for redevelopment. I became a political activist to save my home and community, running for local office in 2007, 2009 and 2011. Through public record requests, I uncovered much nepotism, misuse of public funds, etc. The entrenched politicians in the Villlage of Greenhills have monopolized the Council for decades. This year no one is even challenging the incumbants. Why? A major reason is the abuse I incurred in 2011.

In May 2011 I was criminally charged with Theft and Criminal Mischief from moving hazardous metal cables from a public curb to my fenced in yard to protect the kids playing in the neighborhood. When I reported the cables and the negligence of the contractor who left them there at a public meeting, I was greeted within hours by the local police. They claimed that they had come to recover the "stolen goods." One year of criminal court hearings eventually resulted in my acquittal as there was no "probable cause". The police report showed the value of the cables at "$0". Yet the Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters, allowed this to play out in Judge Ted Berry's court for TWELVE months. I qualified for a public defender.

That travesty was not enough, as a candidate for Village Council and six days prior to the November 2011 election, I was assaulted and injured, kidnapped and jailed for hours. The Village tree contractor had called the police to notify them that I was watching removal of oak trees on my street. (The Village has been blighting my neighborhood). Within 180 seconds of the cop's arrival, I was assaulted, injuring my shoulder, arrested and hauled off to jail. The cop failed to tell me why I was arrested and failed to record my injury, after I reported it during booking. It took until September 2012 to be acquitted, two trials and $4,000 in attorney fees.

I hired local attorneys who "threw me under the bus" by filing a weak civil rights lawsuit on my behalf and then withdrawing from representation, without prior notice in January 2014. I was ordered to proceed pro se by the federal judge, who happens to be married to a former assistant police chief AND was a Hamilton County Commissioner for 15 years. I filed an amended complaint, naming 30 defendants, and the Court eventually acknowledged it in late 2014. Motions to dismiss were filed by many, claiming immunity, etc. Desperate for legal help, in January 2015, I paid $5,000 to an attorney from Cleveland to represent me. He wrote a HORRIBLE second amended complaint letting, 27 defendants off the hook and scuttled the causes of action that had been approved! He did not even get my approval on the new complaint. By May 5, I fired him and remain pro se.

CAN THE NUNS RECOMMEND ANYONE WHO CAN REPRESENT ME? It is a Section 42, 1983 lawsuit and I am 68 years old and low income. Thank you in advance for your prayers and any assistance you can recommend.