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Mary McCauley, BVM

Dubuque, IA

A transformative moment in my life came on May 12, 2008 when I was serving as the pastoral administrator of St. Bridget's in Postville, Iowa. This was the day of the infamous immigration raid at Agriprocessors, a kosher meat packing plant. It was the day that 389 undocumented workers were arrested. It was the day that families were torn apart.  It was the day that children feared they would never again see thier mother or father.  It was the day that caused 42 women with GPS devices on their ankles to carry signs that read...."We are not criminals, we came to work, we came to feed our children.  We are mothers!"

It was a day filled with injustices!  It was a day that called out for justice!  

It was the day that caused me and innmuerable others to commit ourselves to education and advocay for immigration reform.  We do this through the work of Crossing Borders- Dubuque!  Becasue of May 12, 2008 "justice for me and many others is no longer a sometime thing, but a life long task!"

Mary McCauley, BVM   Dubuque, Iowa