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Lisa Riley

Fayetteville, AR

My son was disabled.He's in a wheelchair. We moved to Fayetteville when he was about 4...Actually moved to Springdale, because the school was further along with inclusion. One thing I do know about Fayetteville, though, is that transportation is very poor. It's hard to access the limited, very limited, bus system that they have and some of the roads are still hard to navigate with a wheelchair. I don't see very many aids for the blind, just signs in Braille that kind of thing. I'd like to see just, access to the community for transportation really; just to get around. It's still hard. There's not the organization that there is in Missouri. Missouri plugs you in, into their social system real early and real easily. Here, it seems like you have to go seek it. It's harder to get plugged into everything that you need. In Missouri, they find people in the hospitals and their social workers are very good at letting you know everything. They sign you up with a social worker that come to your house once a month and lets you know what you can do. But here, they don't have that and I think that's a real disservice.