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Linda Towery and Cindy Wilder-Towery

Topeka, KS

*Trigger warning: This post contains offensive language.*

Linda: The group that was here before the service today, of Nuns on the Bus, was called the Westboro Baptist Church. They're known for picketing in this city as well as across the nation.

Cindy: If they find out that there's going to be a gay wedding, they'll picket that. Anybody who's passed away in the community, they'll picket their funeral. Whether...

Linda: They go across the country picketing military funerals.

Cindy: Anybody that is a soldier that has died in the war or whatever, they picket their funerals.

Linda: They picket them because, I guess their thing is saying they have tolerance. If the church has tolerance or the United States has tolerance, then that makes them evil, in their eyes.

Cindy: And they talk about our government as being "fags" and stuff like that.

Linda: Anyone who is tolerant of any gay person is bad...

Cindy: Bad to them.

Linda: According to them. But they picket here at our church about twice a month, probably. We tolerate them. (Laughter)

Cindy: And they go away eventually. It's just our way of dealing with them. It's being tolerant of their behavior.