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Laura Henderson

Indianapolis, IN

Wow I really feel like there is..there is so for us in our work we were really motivated to get started with Growing Places Indy because of seeing the perception of divide all around us the divide between people and food and their understanding of where food comes from and, even more so, how could impacts not only our physical health, but also our brain development, our mental health and overall well-being. 

So many people it's just about calories in and calories out and it's not an understanding...There's no understanding of the nutrients of what's being eaten, of the vitality of what's being, and how dependent...Our cells, our cells are built from the food that we put in our bodies—from our brain cells to, you know, the cells of every other issue and organ.

So we really wanted to reconnect people to where their food comes from and what their food means to their health and well-being, and what their health and well-being means to our community in a greater sense. 

So we're only as strong and vibrant as those who are the least strong and vibrant among us. I think that it is the beholden upon us as a society to work together to ensure that everyone is fed, not only an adequate number of calories a day, but really the nutrients and vitamins and minerals that they need to be their best selves.