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Kristin Beckum

Nashville, TN

Since the age of 14 I have been addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have used every single day for—I'm 31—I don't know how many years that is. It's a long time. I've been to 13 different treatment centers, hospitals, halfway houses, rehabs and when I came to Magdalene in 2013 my parents were gonna give my kids up for adoption. They were tired of raising them. That was the last thing that really kind of made me look at myself and be like "Okay is that really what I want? Do I want to give my kids up for adoption and just live this terrible life, or do I want to try to do something different?" So, in a last effort of hope, to save myself I entered a 2-year program. Since that day...I did have a relapse at Magdalene, but, after that I have over 2 years clean now, which...Magdalene is so different from any other treatment program or anything because they don't ask you for money the day you walk in the door. They just want you to do group and learn to grow and love yourself and work and heal yourself, so that you can go out and be the person, as someone referenced earlier today, that we were born to be.