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Judi Neal

Fayetteville, AR

Interfaith Harmony Day, which brings all of the religions together in this room with tables all around, representatives from different religious points of view including pagans and Buddhists and Hindus and Sikhs and several...many denominations of Christian religions. Then, in the center, are a whole set of tables where people come together and dialogue with questions very similar to what we are doing today. That's done once a year and there's plans to do more things throughout the year. One of the things—I was on the organizing committee for several years—one of the things we've talked about is the issue of sustainability as one that bridges the gap because if you are conservative you care about being a steward of the Earth and if you are liberal you care about the environment and sustainability. So it's something that seems like common ground, and regardless of your faith perspective or your political perspective, there is common ground in there somewhere.