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Furonda Brasfield

Little Rock, AR

I'm with the Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. I'm the Executive Director and I work to build constituency groups to abolish the death penalty. Here in Arkansas we have resumed the death penalty after one of the country's longest hiatus in executions. Our governor has set 8 execution date and we're going to do double executions for the next four months. Of course, at the Coalition we believe that the death penalty is fundamentally wrong. We don't think it's biblical. Of course, it costs millions of dollars to try to execute someone. We are for the abolition...the abolishment of the death penalty. It's disproportionately applied to African-Americans, of course, to people that live in poor areas, people that are below the poverty line. We believe that the death penalty should be abolished, not only in Arkansas, but throughout the United States and worldwide.