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Diane Nilan

Naperville, IL

For the past 10 years I've been on the road under the banner of HEAR US Inc. (, my national nonprofit "giving voice and visibility to homeless children and youth." I live in a van, traveling mostly backroads, chronicling the plight and promise of families and youth experiencing homelessness. My videos help schools, shelters and communities hear from those who know homelessness first hand. And being able to speak of one's experiences of homelessness transforms and empowers those too often rendered invisible.

Five years ago I teamed up with Pat LaMarche (Green Party candidate for VP in 2004) and we formed "Babes of Wrath." We occasionally travel together, doing whatever we can do to call attention to homelessness--she focuses on adults/vets, and I on kids/families. We've followed the fictional route of Steinbeck's Joads family, thus the Babes of Wrath moniker. We work with local activists to create media attention and to host events to raise awareness of too many without homes and the economic injustice that causes it.

We salute our Sisters of the Highways and Byways--Nuns On The Bus! And we'd love to join up with you down the road.