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Diane Buchanan

Cincinnati, OH

She's not included in anything anymore. There's no agencies to help. I'm her mother. Her father lives out of town, so does her sister. So she only has me. I am trying to come up with agencies that will help her. There...I told them at the table, I was told a few years ago that she'll get help when I die. Well, that's too late. She is a person. She is a taxpayer. But she can't get help. I don't know who to go to anymore. I've been striving to find help, but it's all cut back with the state. "She can get any kind of aid that she wants--Medicaid, Medicare." But we don't want that. She wants to be a person that's a part of the community. So I think that with...not just with the politics, but with the Catholic Church, we all need to come together. I don't know where to begin, but maybe with the pope's vision of the future and helping people, that the handicapped will also be included.