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Barb Geitgen

Indianapolis, IN

I think everybody wants to be heard. It's important to just be able to share your thoughts in an environment like this. Whether or not they're solved, it's just important that they were able to communicate them. I can say that my aunt is a very, very good listener, so she educates us on things that she learns and it's important for us to learn it that way. I also think that it's important to give back to your communities because that is a divide.

So I work with an organization here in Indiana. It's a women's philanthropic group called Tri Kappa. It started in 1901 with a group of women who were in school together and we do charity culture and education. We have nearly 260 chapters around the state with about 8,500 members. We give over $1.5 million a year to Indiana.

So, we do things in our community, from bingo to, you know, garage sales, to selling, you know, nuts, to working at a fair, all so that we can support our communities with things that are important to those communities.

So, it's good to give back and I think it's important that our children live by example. They see you involved in various things and then they get involved. It's been a really good experience for me.