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Anika Rogers

Nashville, TN

I was in foster care at a very young age. I started to be molested at a very young age, by the age of 5. I was a run-away at the age of 15. I began to have to do things just to have a place to stay. I was introduced to drugs, didn't know the pros and cons of doing drugs, but that was my escape though. It allowed me to not deal with my reality. That led me down a road of homelessness, being incarcerated numerous times--87 to be exact--and losing my kids, just being in a very, very, very dark place. But thank God for Magdalene. Magdalene is a 2-year residential program who do not receive any federal or government assistance and Thistle Farms is the  social enterprise  of Magdalene. The women from Magdalene come in to Thistle Farms and we are learning how to become productive members of society, how to build our resume, and work. I am truly honored today to be in front of the nuns because they have so much love and that's what our community is about. Sr. Simone (off-camera): Amen. Amen! Rogers: Love heals because it truly does. It is the greatest force that can heal the world. Together we can do so much. Once again,  I just want to thank everybody for coming and joining and being a part of this movement because  together we can do some things.