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Amber Versola

Kansas City, KS

Disclosure, I ran as a Democratic in Kansas. I’m also a single mom. That’s my 11-year old up here. I narrowly lost a house seat last year. I’m also the vice president of the Women’s Political Caucus and I lobbied for the National Organization for Women in Kansas under Sam Brownback’s first year. So, with that said, I have seen what happens when we don’t have a voice at the table, and that’s that we find ourselves on the menu. We are not only under-represented; we are misrepresented…

 Sr. Simone (off camera): Amen.

Versola: And we need to…I’m finishing up. I’m sorry.

Sr. Simone (off camera): No problem.

Versola: We need to claim our political power. We need to run for office. If we don’t like the ideas coming out of the people at the table and they will not listen to us, we need to find people to run and we need to get behind them and support them. We need boots on the ground and there are plenty of people here that can do some walking.